This is the 1001st page on the Creativity Unleashed Wiki! This is big news!

There were times when it seemed this wiki would never reach that goal, that it would completely collapse. Not so, and now 1001 pages brimming with pure imagination crowd this awesome wiki! Well, 1000 pages brim with imagination, not this one. This pageis no more than acollection of words. Let us ignore it and discuss why this wiki is so awesome - because of it's stories.

At times tragic and sometimes hopeful, serious at times, comedic at others, beautiful and yet dark, powerful and moving or bland and boring, there are 1000 amazing stories that swell the ranks of this awesome wiki. I can't take much credit for contributing to making the Creativity Unleashed Wiki into what it is today, but there are many who can. Obviously, this never would have happened without our the wiki's founder, who I think was Somarinoa, and I'm hoping he could say a few words if I'm correct. If not, I'm hoping someone knows who the actual founder is so he/she can say a few words. We also must thank BachLynn23, who adopted this wiki and helped make it awesome. Somebody go to Wattpad and tell her that. I'm hoping she could say (or type) a few words too. And finally, let us thank Surf Legends, who actually added the 1000th page. She doesn't want to say anything, but she deserves some thanks, so tell her that if you wish. All these pages, so many stories, so many ideas, worlds, people, characters, creatures. I'm glad I got to be however small a part of it. I've heard a lot of good things about BachLynn23's new residence, Wattpad, but there is one advantage we have that Wattpad doesn't - this wiki is 100% open to the world. Anybody can read and write here. Anybody. This is your library, drawing pad and publishing house, and we've just barely written the prologue.

I have returned. I am a king. Therefore, I am THE RETURN OF THE KING!! Speak to me, peasants! 18:36, May 22, 2013 (UTC)

Somarinoa's(?) SpeechEdit


BachLynn23's SpeechEdit


The Readers and WritersEdit

Here, I want to express thanks to the readers and writers that make this place awesome, so could everybody on here say a few words? I'd appreciate it.

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