Candle in the Dark
I found this whilst going through my files. It's pretty random, but I'm kind of fire-obssessed at the moment (technically, I'm a pyromaniac), so I guess it's appropriate. As my (favourite) English teacher would say, it has deeper meaning. : D Ŋatalyą Ƒinnley - Tell me sðmething I don’t know (nø really) 02:13, December 28, 2011 (UTC)

A Candle of LoveEdit

You may need a candle to see my love for you in the depths of my heart.

But it is still there.

It is still alight and strong.

You may venture forward.

Light your candle with my love.

Rekindle it.

Bring the candle out and show me.

Show me the love that has lain buried and hidden many a year.

Dazzle me with my love for you I never knew I had.

For you must help me.

You must help me to see love again.

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