Harvest Moon.

thumb|300px|right|Yiruma - All myself to you.thumb|300px|right|Do You? - Yirumathumb|300px|right|I (First Love) - YirumaA/N:

This one-shot is a tribute to my friend who knows that a person in my grade/my friend likes him (Possibly), but doesn't (as of yet) have the courage to ask herout. The bingo night part actually did happen at night on February 10th, 2012. And I did have to help clean up. The names have been changed to protect the identities of my friends. The real life part happened the night/day before the harvest moon. As for the music videos, pick one and enjoy.

They were at school at night, after cleaning up the gym. There'd been a school fundraiser and we'd had a bingo night. The floor was littered with Valentine's Day stickers, cheese from pizza, and spilt drinks. Matt had just finished cleaning up and had called his parents to pick him up. Since he lived somewhat far from the school, he figured he had plenty of time and went to the hill just behind the school. Unexpectedly he saw his friend, Sydney, sitting on the hill, seemingly staring at the large, beautiful harvest moon. He sat down beside her and breathlessly, she said, "Beautiful isn't it?"


" fun was cleaning up?"

"A mess," he admitted, "But, you have to admit, it was pretty funny when you had a balloon stuck on your hair"

They both laughed and then fell silent again. Summoning and willing all the courage he could muster, he turned his head to face her and said, "I've been meaning to tell you for a long time you." She turned to face me and she replied, "I...I do too." And with that said he leaned closer to her until his lips were on hers and under the harvest moon, they kissed no longer just classmates or friends. For some time they were together and Matt felt as though he was full, accomplished, complete. They broke apart and Sydney put her head on his shoulder as they sat under the harvest moon. After a long while, Sydney left to go home and Matt sat there, pondering what had just happened. The night breeze blew the grass gently and with it, his thoughts lingered on about her touch, her lips on his. They had just been friends several minutes ago but now, they were something more. Suddenly, Matt heard his father calling and he raced down the hill, thinking of how one moment had changed his entire life, one friendship, to love.

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