Once upon a time. in the land of Unicorn Sparklepoo, there was an immortal princess named Sapphire Ebony...

Wait sorry, Princess Sapphire Ebony The Super.

When Princess Sapphire Ebony The Super was born, some dude came and killed her parents and entire planet in front of her. Princess Sapphire Ebony The Super was so sad that her peeps and parents died that she flew all the way to earth with her rainbow powers. When she came, everyone thought she was so freakin' beautiful, with her long rainbow hair that shines like the sun, her natural tan skin that looks like she laid in a tanning bed, and her color changing eyes that sparkle. SPARKLE. So, she was so powerful, beautiful, and perfect in everywhere, a mob of guys came and begged her to go to highschool with them. Since she was so nice, she said yes and joined her group of boyfriends to her new school.

On her first day, all of the girls were so jealous of her beauty and that their boyfriends broke up with them just to be with her that they made fun of her and tried to hurt her. But the boys defended her, and anyone that didn't like Princess Sapphire Ebony The Super pretty much dies, so they all died . But all of the guys wanted her even moire, So she tried not to break their hearts and married them all.

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