Author's Note: I couldn't resist a good topic, even though I'm judging... Happy one year anniversary (too touchy of a word?) to the Wiki!

The door to here unveils so many things.

Trust, friendships, loyalty, and what we all appreciate and love the most, writing. It is here that our imagination is unstoppable, this is where we create new lands, new people, new creatures, and a new way of thinking. A new idea. Growing and growing, until nothing is impossible, until our voice is too loud to be unheard.

It is here that we meet people like ourselves, people whose been hurt, but were mended, people whose been broken, but were fixed.

It is here that we are fixed. It is here that we are mended. Because once you step in that room that door leads you to, you can't stop. You won't stop. There are too many things to explore, too many things to be written down, to be noticed, to be spoken.

It is here that we find a new beginning, a new plate, a clean slate. It is here that we feel, for once, that we belong. It is here that we discovered that warm and brightly lit living room, full of laughter and smiles, love and care.

What I feel for this place cannot be described, so I will settle for thanking you all.

Thank you, so many of you, for making this place the way it is today.

Thank you for inspiring so many, including me.

But most of all, I thank Angel, who created this place. This place that served as a new beginning. This place where there is love and friendships.

Thank you. All of you.

And I hope this fantastic place continues to grow, and to inspire future, present, and even past travellers, writers, and artists. To inspire people like you and me. To create something bigger than ourselves.

I wish you all the best of luck. And an excellent rest of your life. A fantastic one.

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