It jumps up at you
when you are wading through the grass
Try and catch it but when you do,
you always do it too fast
Don’t try and catch it when it’s fine
try when it is hurt or unawares
But you spend all your time
Trying to be the very best

With love you have to be the right type
Some are very effective
Like a berry, it will be ripe
Or it will be sour, its your perspective

But when I saw you for the first time
Something in me hatched
But when I peek at you, my mind
thinks we should be matched

If I try and repel you
A few hundred steps is all it takes
But with our hearts so true
You find me and it’s too late

At first we were just friends
But our relationship has evolved
If I hurt you I will make amends
Like with a potion our problems will be solved

See, love is like a Pokemon,
it’s electric like a Pikachu,
its way better than Digimon
The end, I bid you adieu

(Do you know how hard it is to rhyme some of these things? Cut me some slack)

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