This is a poem just for you.

Are you happy?

You got a poem for you,

Just for you.

But that's not the point,

I wrote this,

The point is,

You do not exsist.

So this poem is useless.

This poem is useless for you,

Because you don't exsist,

You have proven it to me with all your might.


I believe you did it on purpose,

You do everything on purpose.

I hate you.

You hate me back.

This poem is just for you,

So keep on reading.

You don't exsist.

And if you're shaking your head right now,

Saying that you do,

You're just lieing,

And I'm the one telling the truth.


Listen up,

I hate you.

And I will always do,

Because you killed someone very close to my heart,

And I won't be wasting my energy on telling you who it was,

Because you already know,

And I hate you.

I hate you and I will always do.

(Judge me, I'm not against it.)

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