for my entry in the next contest, in journal form too.

Jornal entry oneEdit

It has been one year since our departure from our home planet, we have found a planet that is capable of supporting life in the Aphopious star cluster. I have been selected to go with Tyron and Venjix to see the hazards of the part of the world we planned on settling on. Venjix... perhaps if we can settle this new world I can finally propose.

From up above, the planet has a strange coloration, The shy seemsto have a red hue,the waters are a strange shade of green, and the land is Blue, I wonder why that is, we'll find out about it tomorrow.

Journal entry twoEdit

We Landed on the planet today, we made camp by a river that we named Tiber. the plant life seems to be connected to one another, prehapes a split off evolution that is still capable of reproduction on other type's of life. We saw no animal life today, though they are possibly fearful of us. Other than that, today was a great start to the expedition.

Journal entry ThreeEdit

We Discovered the most amazing thing we have ever seen today, we hiked

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