You think that when I leave
I don't get hurt?
You do not understand
What it feels like to leave then

But what feels worse than leaving,
Is getting kicked out
Straight up
Thrown away like an old piece of trash

There are few worse feelings than that
But I just experienced one
Do you know what it feels like to get kicked out
For something that wasn't even your fault?

It is like someone has literally
Kicked you in the chest, and in the stomach
You grasp for air but can't find it
Forever trying to breathe

A loss of a loved one is different
When neither of you are in the wrong
It feels like you have been melted
Slowly, like a candle, but the wick starts at your heart

When you lose a loved one
When you or they are to blame
It is similar to getting kicked
Very similar

But in this case it is like someone is kicking
Their way OUT of your chest and stomach
Kick, kick, kick
You feel your heart start to break slowly

Then it cracks, and it shatters like glass
You collapse in pain and suffering
But emotional
Pure emotion

I have felt hurt
The worst kind of hurt
The hurt of betrayal
Betrayal is not a kind of hurt

Being hurt is a kind of betrayal

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