Struggling through the forest, I feel like I am caught

Panting in terror remembering blood

I feel like death has returned to my side

My parents lying askew on the floor with blank eyes

My dog ripped into halves

I only turned seven, the number of luck

Why has this happened tonight?

I feel like crying, curling tight into a ball

I can't take this any longer, I simply want to die

Why has this have to happen tonight?

I was going to sleep when I heard out door crack

Once, twice, then a really loud bang

I jumped up and rushed to see what's inside,

I lost my left arm and the will to stay alive

I sniffle and sit down on the cold ground

A small brown/gray mouse climbs onto my arm

I sniffle and hug it close to my heart

I swear I can feel the beat of her heart

Oh why did this have to happen tonight?

I hear rustling of leaves

Oh no, I have to run

I slowly get up and run with my full might

Footsteps behind me

I have to be quicker

The little mouse is beginning to quiver

I jump over a tree, and stumble on a rock

No, I have to stay alive for tonight

Why did this have to happen tonight?

He's gaining on me, this monster with skythe

I feel more longing to get out alive

Strength is draining, my tears freely fall

I probably won't make it today after all

Suddenly there's pain and I feel my soul part

From the body falling in slow motion on the ground

He's standing over me, laughing that laugh

But where, yes! the mouse has escaped alive

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