Frozen bodies

Pretty much how I saw my friends.

A/N: The events of this one-shot truly did happen in a dream of mine on February 13th, 2012. It was so vivid and clear that I actually was on the verge of tears. It was excruciatingly painful to watch my friends and everyone who I cared about turn to statues and then fade into ash.

The DreamEdit

My P.O.V.

My friends, my parents, and some other peope and I were walking home one night after watching a movie when it started to snow. At first it seemed harmless but after a while, the first girl and her dog, a girl in my class, turned to stone. Literally stone. Then she disappeared altogether, into ash. This happened to the dog as well. There must've been pumice in this form of acid snow so I started yelling for my friends to go into this once house which had it's doors open. Unable to do anything but yell, I watched as the snow decimated friend after friend, family member after family member, turned to stone, then reduced to nothing but ash. Of the many who died, I remember my best friend dying, as he knelt beside the first girl who'd died with her dog. Then two other girls died who were friends of the first. Each one of them, all with living souls, one by one, extinguished. Eventually, none but four others and myself reached the safety of the house. Then the dream faded and it was gone.

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