People always ask me,

"Are you okay?"

I always answer with a nod,

"Sure I am. I'm fine."

I always used to think I was too,

Think I was okay and fine.

But now I am unsure,

If I was lying to myself and others.

I mean, what is the true definition of okay?

No suicidal thoughts, no cuts upon my wrist?

Well I have them, I know I do.

But some people, have lost love ones,

And say they are "okay".

So that changes my mind,

And now I'm confused.

Is "okay" meaning happy?

Or is "okay" meaning healthy?

Now that I think,

I must not be okay.

I am not happy,

I am not healthy.

I am now a liar,

To me and others.

But never the less,

Next time someone asks,

If I am "okay",

I will answer yes anyway.

Because even if I am never okay,

I can act,

Act happy, healthy and hyper.

Maybe, someday, one day,

Someone will make me become okay.


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