An Unidentified Man searches for dreams

in a town where nothing's as it seems.

He roamed the sands, he swept the skies,

searching for truth in a world of pretty lies.

Who knows how long? Years it has been.

He doesn't know how much, but he figures it was ten.

The pain that crosses through each of his limbs

is a burgeoning fact of who loses and who wins.

He failed to keep what was his only past

before a wicked and mischievous curse was cast

A demon, a witch, he knows not what it was

But it never matters, for the truth was because

he took things to lightly, losing everything he had

And now it seems the world around him has turned bad.

The future shall be a long one, but it will depend

upon when He will chose for it to end.

An Unidentified Man knows not where he was led,

questioning now if he is alive or is he dead.

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