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Ana Greyson
"I'm going to kill you!"
Possesed human
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 1996
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family N/A
Status Alive
Eye Color Light blue
Hair Color Jet black
Height 5'8
Alias Annie
Affiliation Edward Bellard
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Appearances Possessed


Ana has long waist length black hair with bangs. She has very pale skin and demonic light blue eyes. She usually wears her school uniform or a black hood and black boots.


Ana was just a normal girl until Phobia, a demon, killed her and took control of her body, forcing her to do things she really doesn't want to do.


Before Ana was possessed, she was very free-willing and different from everyone else. She only had a couple of friends. When Phobia took control of her, she became mentally insane, but she often made Ana look normal.


Edward Bell: An exorcist and professional demon/ghost hunter. He's trying to track down Phobia and help Ana get her body back.

Phobia: Her "inner demon." Makes her do things she would never do in reality.

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