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Another Nerdy Love Poem Edit

You make me want to travel
Across a fantasy land
Our story shall unravel
And I will experience first hand
How strong my love is for you
My beautiful (almost) Queen
Remember, our love will be renewed
And I will fight enemies unseen

And my greatest threat has finally appeared
From me he has stolen you
I have waited for seven whole years
Just so I can come to your rescue
You are a piece of my heart
I would give away all my rupees
Just so we will never part
And you would never leave me

Here is another one of my theories
See, I love you more than you might think
A relationship is a lot like the Zelda Series
You are like my Zelda, and I am your Link

The End Edit

This is another comedy/humor/romantic/very damn nerdy love poem from me

See A Poem About Love

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