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This page contains spoilers regarding the Decline of Light series! Read at your own discretion!

His history is in 3 parts, coinciding with the events of the 3 books.

Decline of Light Edit

In this book, he is 16 years old. He lives in the country of Semnotha, in the town of Amianium. Nothing is known about his parents. He lives alone, in a little wooden cabin he made himeself, just outside the beach of Amianium. Everyday, he'd meet his friends Masato and Akira at the beach. One day a stranger landed in the water and took Akira away through a portal. Before Akira was taken completely through the portal, he witnessed Masato's death. He then was surrounded by Shadows. Fate told him that he was the wielder of the legendary destinysword Hero's Blade, and he defeated the Shadows. He then journeyed to the capital city of Centanium, Luacia. He met with the President and told him he was going to rescue Akira but the President simply announced to the world that he was Fate's hero and told him he had to train first. After training, he found out he was in the XIII Gladiatorial Games. He won it.

He then went to Anathazia, the front line country where the war was being fought, and helped prevent an encirclement from happening. He then met and made two friends, Sorin and Mayumi, and they journeyed on to Diabolos's castle, where Akira was. They went through the Mountain of Terror, where they battled and killed a Talax who disguised itself as Akira at first. They then defeated 3 Dark Knights of the Black Hand and then journeyed to the home of The Wise One. They find him trapped by Shadows and 3 more Dark Knights and in the fight that ensues, Mayumis' killed. Angry, Anzai unleashes his Rage on the enemies and defeated them. They learn more information about Diabolos's past and his three forms. He then stated the current state of Centanium. Over the next month, The Wise One taught Anzai how to use a destinysword with martial arts. The Wise One dies and then Anzai continues his journey, and eventually reaches the runis of a might castle. He defeats the remaining six knights and then faces Diabolos himself. An epic fight ensues but in the end, Anzai wins. He rescues Akira. She told him he had fought a decoy and that the real Diabolos was the President of Centanium, Xiados. They then witnessed the decline and fall of the Republic of Centanium and the birth of the Empire of Centaium. Just then, the fake Diabolos sends a beam of energy at Anzai and Anzai is encased in darkness. The fake Diabolos laughed and said that he'd taken Anzai's soul and that Akira has to "wake". Before he died, he told Akira that she has to find it.

He's a patriotic person and believes in what is right for the good of everyone. He is extremely loyal to his friends and won't betray them. He always puts his friends before his personal goals.
He is able to use a destinysword. It's name is 主人公のブレード, meaning in the Common tongue, Hero's Blade. It is his main weapon.
Friend of Akira and Sorin, and wielder of Hero's Blade
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 24 (at the end of the series)
Family Etsuko (Mother), Daisuke (father)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blond
Height 6'4
Affiliation The rebellion against the Empire of Centanium, Akira, Sorin, friends

<font face="Monotype Corsiva" size="4" color="#FFD700"</font>

Relationships Akira, girlfriend.
Friends/Allies The rebellion against the Empire of Centanium, Sorin, <insert friend here>.
Home Semnotha (Centanium)
Enemies The Emporer of Centanium, The Black Hand, The Empire of Centanium

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