This is the second of the two poems I had to write for L&T (Language and Thinking). Here we were asked to write a poem about something we wanted gone from ourselves, a feeling or attitude. I chose Apathy. We also had to base it on another poem though unfortunately I remember neither title nor author. Flamefang 01:12, August 30, 2011 (UTC)


I will watch apathy die in the rain.

It’s arms and hands grasping vainly

for life that isn’t there.

I abandoned apathy.

I let it die here

On the cold paving stones

Left with only the filth upon the street

Where it belongs.

And yet, I still have room in my heart

To pity it.

To remember what once was

To mourn for what shouldn’t be

But is regardless.

I will watch apathy die in the rain

In melancholy silence.

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