A short story by Mikmak28 and Karikamiya.

Josh and Mikmak were just talking about Avatar when Mikmak suddenly left. Josh messaged and said Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, just then Kari join the conversation.At first she started she started saying tthings like she have an amnesia.

Then Mikmak came back. That time Kari was still pretending that she has an amnesia. Then Kari asked their names, Mikmak and Josh told their names stupidly. Kari was still pretending.

"Maybe it's her brother." Josh hoped.

"If your not our Blue Vampire friend can you shut up?" Mikmak was irritated that time.The vampire thing was just something to scare Josh.Josh and Kari was forced to be with each other because of a collab,then Kari told Josh that she's a vampire and specifically a blue one. Just then Kari admitted that she's just playing around. Then the Three talked about their work....

"Hey Kari by the way, It's your turn." Josh concluded. Kari agreed and go to work. After a while.....

"Kari, r u done yet?" josh asked. "No," Kari answered. and again Josh asked the same thing. Kari was pretty irritated, also Mikmak, Josh always do that, she thought.

(long talk)(edit)

Suddenly, Kari throw the question back to Josh. "what's wrong?" Josh asked. "Your always asking if were done, That's the problem." I answered reluctantly. "oh, sorry" he apologized.

"I'm done" Kari said." Are you happy now". "He's happy." i said though i'm not the one she's talking to.

"Now it's your turn Josh." WE reminded. "ok i'm starting it." Me and Kari got a plan, "Let's bother Josh a lot" i suggested. then...

"Hey josh r u done yet?" We asked in synchronize....

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