An: after finishing Treasure Hunter's Folly, I began wondering what I could do for Alviar's backstory. I thought this up and hope it's a good enough explination, or at least one that makes sence in the Manvadrasia universe

Belem had been a millitary man for most of his life. Ivore's seemingly everlasting war with the ashlanders had created many a good warrior, as a boy his head had been filled with tales of war heroes and glory. He wanted a part in that and joined as soon as he was able.

He quickly proved himself to be a capable warrior, with stories saying that he managed to best the best hero of the ashlands, Razjek, in hand to hand combat, which sent the rest of them of retreat. Another often repeated tale was that he was the few men who survived the Battle of Demor's Hill But the story that truely made him famous was his defeat of the Queen of Blood, Skemet. 

It would have been a normal day for Belem, he and his forces where occupying a fortress near the recently "expanded" border with the ashlands. He was chatting with his advisor about the probality of a full scale attack on the fort. "I would honestly doubt that they could find any holes in our defences here, I mean it's not like they have the forces to try to retake this fort." "That may be true," Belem replied. "But what of Ivore's other enemies? The Orcs aren't taking kindly to us attack those they consider kin?"

His advisor just laughed. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about those dumb brutes. they don't have the stones to get off their little island." "Still, I would prefer a post where you can make out their island on a clear day." a knock came upon the door. "Yes?" The door opened to reveal a beastmen spearmen. "Sirs, there's something you might want to see out in the courtyard." Belem and the advisor looked at one another and followed the beastmen.

"You Idiots! You're making a mistake!" The ashlander struggled to escape the girp of the fort's blacksmith, Yurkin. Near by the men seemed concered with what the nurse was doing. "You should have seen it sir. This ash skin kept yelling about blood and death while chasing some poor woman all the way here. It was actually kind a funny to be honest."

Belem inspected the woman in question. The nurse was wrapping bandages around the woman's arm. "Belem had to surpress a gasp. This woman was absolutly beautiful, A soft face, long flowing hair, tanish skin, and a figure that would put the emperor's wife to shame. "Excuse me, but what is going on here, m'lady?"

The woman looked to him with a worried expression. "I was simply coming in to visit my husband, then this monster," She declared pointing to the ashlander. "Decided to assult me! I fled as fast as i could, and made my way here." "That's a load of Noz dung and you know it! You killed my clansmen! You-!!" Yurkin manged to knock him out with his large arms. "Thank you, Yurkin" Belem said. "Aye, what you want me to do to 'em?" Belem thought about for a moment. "Take him to the dungeons, maybe the men back home can find a use for him." Yurkin did as was asked.

"So, then what should we do with the lass?" His advisor thought about it for a moment. "Well, we can't just send her out into the wilderness, we saw how well that turned out the next shipment of supplies is due in two weeks, so I suppose she can just wait it out with us."  Belem nodded. "Okay then, I suposse we can find a place for you miss." "Please," She said as she stood. "Call me Skemet."

"Well then, Miss Skemet, please go with my advisor, and let's see if we can find your husband." Skemet gave alittle smile. as he walked away and the advisor lead her into the fort.

Skemet licked her lips as the blood drained from the advisor's body and into her's. Such sweet crimson blood flowed from the hole in the man's stomach, her magic causing it to enter into her, making her stronger.  Ah, lady Bosia, this wonderful gift you have given me shall not be wasted. I will turn this whole fortress into a shrine for you once I am done cleansing it.   She smiled at the thought of her lady getting closer to her beloved, and the reward of immortallity.

The Blood Queen had made that bargain long ago, Boisa taught her the secrets of blood, and how to control it. She quickly became a master, using blood to extend her life far before demons, beastmen, and angels ever walked this earth. In all of power, she did run out eventually, so she need to have more blood to feed herself. She smiled at the memories.

While enjoying said memories, she had forgotten about the other 199 men inside the fort, until one who had looked inside exclaimed. "My gods! The Blood Queen!" She turned to discover one of the men staring throught the door, the others grabbing spears and swords, the blacksmith even releasing the ashlander and giving him a war axe.

" Oh dear, it seems I may have been a liitle to hasty." She sighed as she prepared for a battle.

Belem herd the cries of the men and quickly rushed to see the woman using the blood in her viens to create weapons and sheilds for her. The men couldn't even get in close enough to hit her, archers have managed to land a few hits of her, but none in any fatal areas. He picked up a bow and fired, it missed but drew her attention. "Halt monster!" Drawing his mace, he quickly charged at her, bashing her acroos the ribs. She gave out a grunt of pain, before getting up and forming a sword in her hand. "Surrender now mortal, and prehapes Lady Bosia will be merciful towards you!" She attempted to strike, but Belem mannaged to block the blow.

An exhange of this sort had went on, his men eventually joining in. However, Skemet still had the odds in her favor. She struck down his men and bashed Belem to the ground. "Ha! Mortal, now you shall be sent into the next plane!" She Raised her sword, and stabbed it strait at him. Then, a dark shape appeared from behind her, she screamed in pain as a waraxe fell into her back, The ashlander smiling behind her. "That was for my clan, Blood Queen!" Belem finished her with strikes to her head and ribs. Through his Skemet screamed out. "No! I am immortal! I Am Immortal!"

She stopped suddenly. "You!" She Screamed at Belem. "I lay a curse on your blood! From you shall Bosia make a servant, one who shall obey her will... you should have just let me kill you... it would have been preferable to what.... my succersor... will bringuh." She let out her last breath. Her body rotted away, revealing only an ugly corpse.

The men Cheered. Some of them even thanking the ashlander for his help. "Well, thats the end of that." The ashlander said as he dusted himself off. "So, what are we gonna do now?" Belem frowned "That, ashlander, is a good question, you just saved my life, your enemy." "Sir, she would have killed all of us if I hadn't intervined." "True," Belem thought about it for a moment. "Let us discuss this over a meal, shall we? I think we all need rest."

"Now THAT is something all of us agree on."

Note From the publisher: The ashlader in this story seems to have disappeared from anything recordered. It is unknown what had happen to him

It would also appear that the Blood Queen's last words were just an empty threat. Belem has married and has a child by the name of Alviar. Who I assure you is quite healthyI would also like to apologize for the lack of understanding of Skemet and her goals, I admit it is just mere speculation on what she said or what actually happened that day,in some versions, she directly attacks the fort, and the ashlander simply assisted them at the last minute.

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