I used to believe in the day and the night,

That each would give me a bright new light.

I used to believe in the smiles and the tears,

That each would show me that fears, are just fears.

I used to believe in love and hate,

That love would always defeat the late.

I used to believe in myself, and others,

But everyone just threw down like awful mothers.

I don't believe in anyone, anything no more,

Because everytime I do, I get betrayed and torn.

I want to be able to trust in you,

But you're just another human, you have no clue.

No clue of how much I've been hurt,

How you'll learn my secrets then blurt.

I don't trust a single human,

All mindless sheep and lamb.

I can't say I'm happy anymore in my life,

This may be the last time you see me, this may be goodbye.

I don't believe in you anymore, I don't believe in anyone,

I don't believe in me.

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