Everyone has heard of a girl named Kitty.

She is famous in her area.

But not for dancing or for maths,

But for slapping people to death.

She is nearly ALWAYS in a bad mood,

And a tiny word can make her snap.

She'll lift her hand and without warning,

Will come a great, big slap.

For a girl at 5'1 and tiny hands,

She can make them marks.

Red and looking horrible,

Her victims flee from art.

She sometimes even decides to kick,

And from her dancers frame...

There'll be someone on the floor,

Rolling round in pain.

So I'm warning you now,

Take care.

Beware of Kitty,

Don't go in her lair.

Do not piss her off,

Or make her grumpy.

Look I'll send it to you straight.





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