Taking a hit from Returnoftheking

"Does He  have some kind of fetish?" -Black Mask

"BlAck MaSK!!!"-BioDroid


Born BIO machine number sixhundered and sixty six, Mephosauria  gave it one order, "Destory Black Mask  !" It's first attment landed him a "Failed experment," From his creator who left him for dead. however, due to haveing the regenitve abilities of Slogthian, came back seeking vengence. whenever defeated, it retreated into the sewers of Black Mack's city.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Can elonate his tenetlecles,regernerate from fatal woundes, and fire energy. It is not that intellegence only capable of saying Black Mask's name. however it is fercily descructive and will kill and devour anything that stands in it's way

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