Note from the AuthorEdit

So, this book is totally fiction, and everything in here happens in another world. I might use some knowlege of mine, but I still don't think it'd be good idea if you take anything in this book as knowlege. Thank you.


King Uran







Miko Yama

Princess Royanni




Quizilipiorat Kingdom formed 100,000,000 years ago, when a huge devil went on a rampage that formed a war. The war lasted for almost 200 years, and many people came to defend their land from the blood thirsty monster. When the Hagatto (the devil) began to weaken and realize that he was going to loose, the monster divided itself into 700 crosses, which went all around the lands of protesters. The crosses planted themselves into the ground, putting a curse on everything.

The parts of Hagatto were programmed to awake after 100,000,000 years after that. While the crosses were laying there, 100 demons were growing in them, learning everything to later make a huge attack on humanity and everything that was with it.

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