Black mask

The Black mask (If I could draw I would take the creidt for this but I can't)

note: My newer stories are going to be set in the world of my Sample Stories work, just in the future.

The Black MaskEdit

Race: Human

Real Name: Alan Wesk

Abilities: Physical streagh trained to near perfection. Uses mostly technological tools to move and employes trickery. Has a plan for most sitiuations.

Appearnce: Despite the name the mask itself is sliver with red lines as in the image. the first part of the comes from the Black amour under the large cape. oustside of the mask Alan appears as a young man with black hair, muscular build and green eyes.

Reason for being a hero: Feeling a need to give to socity, Alan took inspriation from old moves, being traind in martial arts from a beastmen dojo, and being a master of pragmace made him an enemy to be reckoned with.

Relation with other heroes: unless he needs them he will ignore them. However he did submit for an international team to be made.

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