Chapter OneEdit

I sat up straight in my bed, my heart pounding. I had just heard a woman screaming. My eyes looked around my dark room. I took a deep breath. Just your imagination, calm down, I thought, closing my eyes. But deep inside, I knew it was real. I just... did.

I woke up again to a trolley passing by. My eyes slowly opened to look around my room. Nothing unusual. It was just the same place. I don't know why I did this. You'd think a 15 year old girl would be able to handle her own room. But after last night... I still don't know why. I walked downstairs to the kitchen where my father and older brother sat eating breakfast at the table.

"Good morning, Ju," my dad said, giving me a breakfast plate.

"Thanks, dad," I said, sitting down. I just sat there, not eating anything. I was waiting for them to ask me if I heard screaming last night. But they didn't say anything, they just kept eating. They didn't even say anything to me. I would think they would say at least something about last night. They didn't they just kept eating their food.

"Um, dad, Sam," I said, eating my bacon.

"Yeah?" my dad said.

"Um, did you by any chance, oh I dunno, hear anything last night?" I asked.

"No... why are you asking?" he asked.

"Never mind..." I said.

I didn't eat my breakfast. I couldn't get the sounds out of my head, it was driving me crazy. I started walking upstairs to my room, without saying anything.

"Hey, Jupiter, where are you going?" Sam asked.

"Upstairs," I said.

I pretended like I closed my door, but I was still outside. My older brother and dad had this thing where when I left the room they would start talking about stuff. I leaned in to listen.

"Sam, you heard about the death of Mrs. Walter, the cleaning lady, right?" my dad whispered.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"The news said she was murdered right outside of our apartment last night. Scary thing is it was only a few stories down from Jupiter's room."


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