The young bride looked stunning in a lacy white gown as she strode towards the altar, where her groom waited. It was a picturesque sight -- rose petals were scattered over the floor, and romantic music played softly in the background. The bride's face was lit up by a radiant smile. Everyone at the wedding was the picture of happiness -- except for one person.

She sat all the way in the back of the building, wearing a simple gray dress. A smile was plastered onto her face, but it didn't reach her eyes. She sat absolutely still, projecting a solemn aura. Her eyes filled with pain as she watched the bride kiss the groom.

She had loved him since they were children, but he didn't return her feelings. Nevertheless, she was content as long as he was happy, but she couldn't help but feel a dull ache in her heart as she watched him with his bride. He suddenly glanced her way and flashed a grin, his face bright. She couldn't help smiling back, even though her heart was breaking into a million shards.

The guests rushed over to congratulate the newlyweds after the ceremony. She hung back, stalling the moment for as long as possible. Eventually, the throng of guests parted, and she stepped forward reluctantly. Her gaze remained fixated on him as she handed him a single blue rose. Ignoring his bemused expression, she wished him happiness and then backed away into the crowd. Turning on her heels, she left the building.

It was time for her to move on. The pain was still fresh, but all scars fade with time.

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