Bob (Orc) Sprite
Indignant Slave-Guard of Mordecai
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Current age Unknown (Young Adult)
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Bald (body hair is black)
Height ~7'5"
Alias None
Affiliation Vordathco Mordecai
Weapons Brute strength
Species Diakatanian Land Orc
Home Myrjlon
Appearances Mordecai & Aleph

Bob is a supporting character in the story Mordecai & Aleph. He was one of Mordecai's personal slave-guards—alongside Grum and Trul—during his travel to Illustria, which led to his masters' contact with the extraterrestrial being, Aleph. Unfortunately, Bob would never see that event come to pass, as he snickered upon seeing his master summon a block of ice, thereby exacting the old lich's wrath. Mordecai snapped his bony fingers, which caused a magical spell to take effect, making Bob explode in a fountain of gore.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Bob was named thusly specifically for the later use of the phrase "What about Bob?".
  • Bob was purposefully given a "boring" design of bald with no facial hair because he was planned to be killed very quickly and the author decided he didn't want to waste a design on him that he could use for a later Orc.

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