Breakup Edit

You see it and it hits you
You didn't really believe it up until this point
You thought you had at least one more try
You though you had another life at 0

But she has left you
Whether it was for another man
Or it was just because you weren't good enough
Maybe it was her, who knows

You check your pockets, you search frantically
For just one more coin, one more excuse
But you are all out
She looks at you expectantly

Do you continue? Use up all you have left?
The countdown to your heart
3, 2, 1 broken
She walks away, leaving nothing but a broken husk

You thought you were all out of luck
But you find another coin, another girl
And you start afresh
World 1-1, new again

You are doing so well
Everything is perfect, her beauty is astounding
She is gorgeous, and amazing
Everything you needed

But it happens again
The screen pops up once more
Game Over... Continue? 10 9 8...
You feel the countdown stir your soul and rebuilt heart

But this time you find a coin
You pull out what you had been holding back
You tell her how you truly feel
"I love you"

Those three words count
And suddenly the screen has faded
And you are back on the road together
You pressed continue...

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