Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Current age From the Cretaceous Period
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color None
Height Unknown, Presumably Tall
Alias None
Affiliation None
Weapons Unknown
Species Triceratops
Home Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Formerly)
Appearances To be seen


Brevic is the last known species of mankind. Scientists are baffled of how this dinosaur like kaiju has survived the great extinction. What we do no is that it has adapted for over a million years just to be awakened by a mining accident near Sin City. Enraged, Brevic roared and stomped its way through the city. Causing chaos and destruction. Casino-goers and tourists caught off guard. However.. Brevic as many GDC scientists called; was not the only dino-kaiju to appear in the city of greed.


  • Appearance: Dark Grey scales, white horns on nose and head. Large frill, large muscular legs. Is a quadruped animal but is capable of standing on it's two legs other than its ancestors. Looks like a beefed up wrestler.
  • Category: Five
  • Allies: None
  • Foes: Tianshi, Lamni, Uncle Sam, and Lumberjack
  • First Appearance: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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