WARNING!!! This contains my personel beliefs. If this offends you, please do not read it.

You walk forward

Sweat dribbling down your cheek

Your fists shaking

Waiting in anicipation

I stare at you

My heart heavy

Wishing I had a chance to help

Wishing that I could have made a difference

You are feat away from him

You are unable to look at his face

He stares down at you

He opens his scroll

A tear goes down my face

I know what the judgement will be

Memories of our life flash through my mind

I pray a silent prayer

Like thunder His voice booms

"Depart from me I never knew you"

You fall into the darkness

Looking down you see the fire

As you fall you see me

Walking forward to my judgement

His face changes

He pulls me into a embrace

You see me being led into the Kingdom

We have one last eye contact

Then all my regrets and worries melt away

I go to my father, you go to your punishment

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