Authors Note: Hi guys. Basically, I've had better times, and well, I wrote this while "revising"- as you do. It's a poem about life, and how I sometimes see it. Anyway, don't wanna bore you. I hope you enjoy reading it.

See the vibrant Colours, Spinning around me,

They blend and blur into a Hazy Light,

Spinning, Spinning, Spinning around Me.

Straight into the dark of the Night.

See the People laugh and sing and cheer,

Their Voices echo into a mesh of noise.

Laughing. Singing. Cheering.

A continuous loop- like the Carousel.

See the bright lights slowly fade.

Along with the Pandemonium and the Music.

The ride's metal skeleton creaking to a halt.

Just Like That.

And that's the momet you lose it all.

Lose sight, smell, touch. Lose Love

The Ghost of the Carousel dies down, into the abyss.

And so do You.

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