A child is like a storm
Causing chaos and destruction
Sadly I was not informed
Of the dangers of reproduction

But this little child here
He cares not for worldly matters
His hunger simply makes us fear
why his food never splatters

He inhales it like a vacuum cleaner
There is never an end
I wish I could be meaner
To him but he has become a friend

My heart skips a beat
When I hear his little breath
I think my life would be complete
If you would be there at my death

Your little face is filled with joy
When you bound around
When you play with all your toys
I feel safe and sound

I can relax once you are safe
Knowing you're ok
I want to be your best mate
And help you on your way

See, If I ever have a child
This is what I want to feel
A need to protect you when you're wild
And to comfort you so you'll heal

I want to be the one you turn to, and be nice
When you are in a time of need
But if you're a girl and need girly advice
Your mother could take the lead

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