"Joy, drink you're medecine." My mom said while opening the bottle of my medicne.

"But I don't wanna it tastes bad." I hate medicines.It tastes bad, I wish I will stop getting old so I won't be asked to drink capsules and tablets because they taste sour. I hate those.

"Do you want to go home before Christmas?"

"Of course I do mom! I want to go home! " I miss home . I miss watching Maria Flor De Luna every night then watching animes during Friday night. I miss staying up until 1 o'clock. I hate staying here. Here in the hospital.

The door openes, my doctor comes in. Mom put the medicine down on the table and quickly said hi to the doctor. They both talked in chinese hoping I wouldn't understand what they were saying. I pretend to be asleep then listen to their conversation. I understan a few but it was enough. Later when the doctor left I asked mom about it.

"Mama, what's my disease?"

" You don't need to know dear. All you need to do is to drink you're medicine and get well so we can go home before Christmas." I tried asking my grandma ut she wouldn't tell me. I sighed and gave up on knowing what my disease is. I did all my might in getting well so I could go home before Christmas.

I got home before Christmas. Everyone was happy of my return even my brother was happy. I was a little worried about school but it doesn't matter at that momment.

Years later I found out what my sickness was. I saw it while watching the t.v. What I heard made my heart beat faster than usual. The reason why mom wouldn't tell me what it is. Why everyone was so worried. They were worried I was going to die.

Now that I look back on it I owe my life on Christmas. It gave me the streangth. Because of Christmas I'm still alive until now. Thank You.

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