Clash of the Fossils was a story that I had begun working on in the winter of 2011 sometime in January or February, I don't recall. I never finished the story because I kept rejecting ideas and coming up with better ones, there were several different drafts of the same story. Clash of the Fossils is a science fiction novel about a caveboy named Paladin Sharktooth and his loyal companion, an undead brontasaurus called Beastslayer, the two of them go on adventures and battle monsters.


The story is set in prehistoric Europe somewhere between Germany or the Netherlands, after the end of the Ice Age. The protagonist is a young boy named Paladin Sharktooth who is descended from a Cro Magnon warrior named Isham who was famous for slaying a vicious shark. After slaying the shark, Isham became known as Isham Sharktooth and that is the origin of the Sharktooth family. Paladin lives in a small village built in a land called the "Holy Springs". The Holy Springs was a beautiful land surrounded by great forests, lakes, and waterfalls. He lives in a small hut with his mother Susan Sharktooth, and his uncle Frederick. It was never revealed what happened to Paladin's father. When Paladin is wounded by a saber toothed tiger while hunting in the wilderness, his blood drips on the bones of some "great beast". The bones of the beast somehow came to life, it was later revealed that this was because Paladin had the blood of a long line of sorcerers and necromancers. The beast came to life but not in flesh and blood but as an animated skeleton, it killed the tiger and saved Paladin's life. The beast could somehow talk and had a mind of its own, it revealed to Paladin that it had once been a creature called a dinosaur when it was alive and that a member of its blood line was called a "brontasaurus". Because the brontasaurus had slain a saber toothed tiger, Paladin gave it its own name. He called it "Beastslayer" and the boy became friends with it. However, Paladin and Beastslayer's lives are in danger because they are being pursued by an evil cult who want to use Paladin's powers to bring back dead as well and create an army of undead to rule the world!

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