Isn't it a funny thing?

You feel like flying to the sky,

Only to find that flight is false.

You deny this horrific statement,

You defy their advice on the rules of life.

And wouldn't it be fun?

But of course it would, after all,

Dreams are the best things to strive for.

Yet as I start to ascend,

The world around me starts to darken.

"It seems perhaps that walking is good,"

I believe under crackling lights,

But my derision shall not mislead."

I intend to reach the heavens,

To achieve my dreams of greatness.

I cancel my flight within a second,

The wings of my mind close the next.

My feet finally settle upon the cloud,

It's fluffy surface tickles my feet.

But then they start to sink, what is happening?

Regardless the cloud approaches my thighs,

My hips, my chest, and finally my chin.

I close my eyes for the inevitable fall,

I smile in sadness, slipping through tufts.

It was foolish to believe I could stand on air.

Then the cloud lost its grip on me,

Land is coming fast, I descend from happiness.

So much for stubborn confidence.

Alas, my promise is lost.

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