Close your eyes, squeeze them shut,

Take a few steps to get the right distance for a run up.

Listen to the hissing cats and that one howling mutt,

Poor out your sorrow, from that heart you call a cup.

A cup filled with thoughts, a cup filled with emotions,

A pouring jug fills it to the top, and lets it overflow.

Take a breath and think about going through the motions,

Let your prayer get louder, let it rise and grow.

Say goodbye to your loved ones, to your father and your mother,

Know that doing this, is not a can but a must.

Say goodbye to your love, your sister and your brother.

Let all your relationships, crumble down to crust.

Finally, remember why your doing this,

Why your taking the leap.

Because in this world, there are things,people, you will miss,

When you've done it, your body will lie in a heap.

Broken and cold, dead by time you've finished this feat....

So close your eyes, I'm not joking.

Close your eyes and take the leap......

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