"Change your clothes Yu!"

"Why? I'm only going to the mall!" I answered back to my grandmother.Look don't get me wrong I love my grandmother but I have a short temper and I get angry easily when my grandma or my mother asks me to change my clothes. BAck when I was young I always follow their instructions to change my clothes into something else but now I'm alread a teenager and I want to wear what I want.

"Yu, your shorts are too short and look at your t-shirt!"

"What? It only says big boys don't fry."

"That's the whole point Yu. A real girl wont wear those kind of clothes. You need to wear dresses like your mom" That's the problem with my grandma.She wants me to look exactly like my mom.A lot of people say that I look like her but in reality we are nothing a like. She wants to be a doctor I don't. She loves everything that I hate I love her and everything but we're not the same.

"Are you gonna change your clothes Yu?"



"I said no grandma! I don't want to wear dresses I like t-shirts and there's nothing wrong with my outfit!"

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