What have they ever done to you? Nothing. They just walk their own paths and do their jobs as anmals. Yet why do we step on them? They aren't really scary I think their friendly.

They don't deserve to be step on as they have done nothing wrong. Why are so selfish? They were created by someone like us. It's just that well their Physical Appearance are well.. Hidious?I don't think they deserve to die.

We should think twice. What if we were born as cockroach? Then we get step on even though we have done nothing wrong. What would you feel? You know if the Cokroach are planning to over rule our planet now I wouldn't even be surprise. We have been cruel.

Even though it wasn't you who step on it I'm pretty sure you're one of the girls who ask guys to step on it or one of the boys who dare girls to step on them and kill them. You know it's still you're fault. So when Cockroach came and over rule Earth don't blame the others blame yourselves.

I myself kills cockroach as my friends are afraid of them and I have no right to tell you that killing them is a bad thing as I do it also myself.

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