Your feet are freezing

But you don't feel them

They're there of course

And they aren't frost bitten

But they're freezing

And you can't feel them

Like when you wake up from a long nap

And you walk around your house

And you can't seem to feel your face

Or your legs as you move around

Your arms like huge limp noodles

And your eyes stare trying to soak in the light

For your eyes to dialate

And you take a shower

And the cold water washes the sleep from your eyes

But even as you sit on your long bus ride to school

Your eyes begin to close

And you begin to dream again

And your friend wakes you up

Before the dream ends

Saying that you've arrived at school

And you walk down the hall

And you can't feel your face again

And you can't feel your cold feet

Even though your wearing shoes

Thin shoes of course

And there are two more fire drills in first period

And your getting tired

Of having to wait out in the cold for six minutes

And having to hold the emergency bucket

Which you don't even use

And weighs like eight pounds


And Daniel tries to gouge out your eyes again

In Chinese class

And gets mad at you for not know who Modest Mouse is

Or at least not knowing that they're real

And you never even get to touch Catching Fire

But it doesn't matter

Because when you get home

The DVR is fixed

But the heater isn't on

And you get cold feet again

And then you write this poem-ish kind of thing

And it's all because

Of your freezing feet

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