Black is beautiful, black is calm.

White is blank, white is depressing.

Grey is perfect, grey is peace, grey is impossible, grey is hope.

Blue is sad, blue is grief.

Green is cold, green is unforgiving.

Purple is insane, purple is madness.

Pink is greed, pink is menace.

Yellow is bright, yellow is ugly.

Orange is lust, orange is lust for everything.

Red is acceptance, red is warm.

"I once heard the song about the colors of the rainbow, and I found these colors have a meaning.Sometimes, I feel I can even taste the colors. I can feel the colors, hear the colors, smell the colors, it's scary. I've always had a thing with colors since I was young, people have always wondered. In fact, I'm going to a specialist for it just this week. My doctor believes it's synesthesia, where to senses mix. It's strange to think how my whole world is changing before my eyes."

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