"My heart was breaking when you walked away".

No it wasn't, that's impossible.

Your heart can't break, girl,

No matter what the songs tell you.

If your heart was broken, you'd be dead

Or at the cardio-wing in some cold, white-walled hospital

Being kept alive by IV's and defibrillators.

Come on, girl, get real.

"I felt the pressure of your betrayal on my chest".

No, girl. No, you didn't.

Your breathing may have picked up, and your heart pumped faster,

But don't blame the faithlessness of your boyfriend on gravity.

The laws of physics didn't magically change because Johnny screwed Kirsten

The night before you guys were supposed to go to prom.

Gravity doesn't care that you wanted to marry this guy and have 5 kids and a picket fence

Come on, girl, get real.

"Everyday I cannot see you, my heart tears a little- I can actually feel it!"

No, you cannot.

Your heart is not some piece of crappy fabric that you can tear.

It's very thick tissue with cavities especially designed for pumping blood around your body, nothing else.

Girl, these feelings that you're feeling aren't coming from that, I can assure you.

That's something you dissect in that biology class where your best friend fainted.

Your heart doesn't create those feelings, your brain does.

Come on, girl, get real.

"The brain cannot possibly bring about these feelings, they're too passionate for it!"

Now that is just insulting. Both to the brain, and your apparent lack of knowledge.

Did you not learn anything in anatomy?

The brain is the source and cause for everything you're feeling.

You can feel, hear, see, touch, and taste because of your brain and your brain alone. Not your heart.

The brain creates this passion that you feel. The brain creates the sadness.

It's because of the brain that you actually can feel. That we can love. Your heart does nothing like that.

Come on, girl, get real.

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