He stared at the moon. Oh, why did the heavens push him down?

He sang a song to it. That was his home, actually. But now, he was stuck on Earth. All because of love. You see, he was once the prince of the moon. Everyone loved him. Soon, he fell in love with a princess of Earth. Everyday, he sent a messager who would carry a message. As the messenger fell to Earth, they would change into an owl.

That was the curse of the moon people. They lived on the moon, but they couldn't come down to Earth, because of the Earth's gravity, which was actually a shroud of magic. The shroud weakens creatures from the moon, so it transforms them into a mysterious owl.

But, one day, his lover, Princess Erika, wanted him to visit. He wanted to se his beautiful lover in person, too. But alas, he couldn't go because of the curse. He sent the message to her, and she understood. So, they kept sending messages, day in, and day out.

They were true lovers. The king and the queen could tell. But they could not afford to let her be the reason for their son to turn into an owl. So, they sent an assasin to her. The assasin transformed into an owl the moment he came to Earth, so he used his claws to kill her.

Prince Aniad was struck with grief when he heard the news. He heard that his parents were the ones who sent an assasin to kill her, so he murdered them in cold blood. He traveled to the Earth, but as soon as he reached the planet, he was an owl.

Now, the one who's singing th song is an owl. He misses his old home, so he sings to it, hoping that the people could hear it and send someone to pick him up.

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