Comic books

Have always been a part of my life

Since I was just another toddling toddler

I was introduced to Superman

Through the T.V. screen

Watching him beat the bad guys

And fly off at breakneck speeds

I would tie a blanket around myself

So I can imitate and be as strong as him

Even if it was just all pretend

As I grew older my tastes changed

I traded in my super cape

For the mask of a certain wall-crawler

Climbing to great heights like my name was Peter Parker

I learned life-lessons I never thought that I would Comprehend

"With great power comes great responsibility" That's what matters in the end

Comic books

Shaped my life in many ways

They gave me something to inspire

Great lengths have I now tried to aspire

And whenever I read about the battle against super-villainy in a new story

I always feel I have that old cape and mask on me

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