You pushed start, yet were you really ready to go?

Been fighting for the high-score, but in this game there wasn't a mushroom to help you grow

You still stood tall though, going to save the princess as you persevered

Yet a couple levels down the line, you went off course and veered

Started questioning yourself, were you Link the hero or the villain Ganon?

You became a red reflection, staring down your own mechanized arm cannon

When it went off you didn't move or think, you didn't read the guide so you took the hit

That was only the first, in the series of lives you lost and at times you wanted to rage-quit

You pushed on though, relying more on your party like your name was Cloud Strife

This was not your final fantasy though, this game soon enveloped your life

Now you're at your last stand, and new challenger has appeared for a fight

The announcer and the crowd, begin chanting down the numbers to midnight

You have the quarter in your hand, is it worth it if you still lose?

Considering your past actions, I think I know what you would choose

Continue screen

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