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(The Picture that inspired the story in the first place

an: Takes place in Manvadrasia, during the "modern" era.

Kissu was so happy for her friend Jirano; the Usno woman could finally turn her husband into a Usno and raise the family that she always wanted. "Yep, signed all the paperwork, took me forever." Her friend said proudly.

Kissu's fox tail wagged happily. "Wow, i heard it takes forever for a Racial Reassinment Request. So, he already drank your blood twice already right?"

"Yeah," Jirana blushed as she took a sip from her coffe cup. "Last time i'll ever have to do it for him." "So, what are you doing to celebrate?" Jirano nerveously looked around. "Um, actually that's why I wanted to talk to you," Kissu nodded. "Well, ya see I wanted to cook for him. I don't

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