Corruptive Minds is a trilogy about a corrupt government where everyone is the same. You stand up and everyone else does. You go to sleep and everyone else does. Everyone has the same opinions as you so arguments are virtually impossible. There is no war and no conflict because there is nothing to wage war against. All the humans in the world are copies of each other...except one.



The seas never create hurricanes and the ground never feels an earthquake. Tornadoes never strike and there is always enough food for everyone. The view is always breathtaking and everyday feels exactly the same. No one fights and there is never any killing. It is the perfect society.

Or so you thought.

When one person is born without the disease of compulsion everything becomes unbalanced. The earth finally causes natural disasters and the people are realizing that you are not one of them. You do not belong; you must be taken care of. You simply cannot disrupt the perfect society. That is simply impossible to everyone else in this world. It is unheard of. Yet you are bound to this nagging feeling that this society isn't perfect at all.






Malcolm Day

Valerie Parks

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