My eyes already dry,


How it hurts to live,

How it hurts to know,

How it hurts to cry,


Oh how I'm tired of crying,

Tired of screaming and pleading the god,

Tired of waiting for some miracle to happen,

Tired of crying,

Wanting to die,

My eyes are dry,

But I keep crying,

And I can't stop,


Those pathetic tears of self pity,

Those tears which will never help,

My face is wet,

My eyes are dry,

But I keep crying,


Why me?

Why me?

I didn't deserve that,


I'm tired of living this terrible life,

I'm tired of crying,

I want to go,

I want to die,

I want to leave,

But I cannot die,

For I am being hold onto,

But I have already

Lost hope

In life.

Life is like a terrible insult to me,

And I don't care what others think of that,

Because something terrible happened to me,

Alas, you won't be pleased hearing all that.

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