The delicate-looking shadows strode ever so gently through the abandoned forest village. Moving in unison, they pranced through the glorious emptiness, enjoying their freedom. Leaping and jumping, striding and dancing, all through the empty town. Their eyes glowed like the moon, and their arms, so long and graceful, stretched on and on like the endless night. Chasing and hiding, racing and disappearing all through the long night. Spinning and twirling, laughing joyously with their soft and deep voices. They hid from one another in a playful game of hide and go seek, only to disappear and go gliding off somewhere else once discovered by their kin.

All but suddenly, a light shone in the distance. The delicate and tall shadows fled the town one by one and escaped into the forest, away from the rising sun. They waited silently in their hiding places. Watching, waiting for the sun to set once again so they may continue their beautiful dance of shadows.

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