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Your words are like knives

Digging into my skin and making me bleed.

I hate this love affair,

but forgiveness I must plead.

Your touch feels like burning

Searing my eyes as you wipe the tears away.

I hate this love affair,

but I crave to be with you one more hour, one more day.

Your kiss is like poison

Sickening but sweet I hate the bitter taste.

I hate this love affair,

but my heart must not go to waste.

Your love is a sickness

Saying "I love you, too" hurts. I lie.

I hate this love affair,

but soon it will die.

For soon your sickness will sink in

and I will be gone.

No more poison for my lips,

burns for my skin

and blood for my heart.

Writer's Note:

After several loud (very loud) disputes with my dad, I wanted to write something. But, I found that I couldn't place my anger or frustration into words. The only bits and pieces were woven into this piece, so enjoy. Even though I won't...

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