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Note: Thisis my Secret Santa Present for Jenna! Merry Christmas, and I hope you like it! ~SoA! _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Dare to Dream...

Step into the universe of imagery,

Let not your conscience be your guide-

Follow the voice of your heart.

Dare to dream tonight.

Become a con-artist of daydreamers,

Weave a rainbow without any light-

The realm of sleep is sown with lies.

Dare to dream tonight.

Be visited by those who passed,

And met their maker in fright-

Endless possibilities - all surreal.

Dare to dream tonight.

And then you rush, awake with a jolt.

The dream lost, like a ray of light.

The fable so real; was a hoax, a joke.

Dare to dream tonight.

Dare to dream...

Do you dare...

A dream tonight...

Just a dream...

Do you dare to dream just a dream tonight?

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